Microsoft Ditches Hourly Billing for Legal Services

Hourly billing has been dying a slow death in the small business community for years — and now a huge
Blake Oliver
Microsoft Ditches Hourly Billing for Legal Services
By Blake Oliver • Issue #53
Hourly billing has been dying a slow death in the small business community for years — and now a huge corporation is making the move, too. Microsoft plans to shift 90% of their legal work to alternative billing arrangements within 2 years.
David Howard, Microsoft’s deputy general counsel, says that Microsoft “would benefit from moving further away from a transactional model to one that encouraged deeper engagement between our lawyers and key trusted advisers.”
I love this quote because it shows clearly the biggest problem with hourly billing: Knowing that your lawyer/accountant/consultant is always on the clock discourages deeper engagement and collaboration.
When you bill by the hour, you’re discouraging your client from communicating. And if they don’t talk to you on a regular basis, how can you stay on top of what’s going on in their business in order to be a successful advisor?
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