Not Even Remotely Possible

I'm working at home today so I can take my son to an appointment this afternoon, which made me think
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Not Even Remotely Possible
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I’m working at home today so I can take my son to an appointment this afternoon, which made me think about this article I came across on TechCrunch recently titled “Not even remotely possible.”
The author makes a great point about remote work:
The biggest transition from office to remote work isn’t the geography; that’s incidental. The biggest transition is the mode of communication, which goes from default-synchronous (walk over to your colleague’s desk) to default-asynchronous (PM them on Slack.)  
In general, it’s a lot harder for junior employees to learn from asynchronous communication. This is why remote work is better for people who are already fairly experienced.
It makes me think, what if we could create the atmosphere of synchronous communication in a remote work environment? 
An app called Sqwiggle attempted to do that by creating “click to talk” video chat rooms, but shut down in 2016. It turned out that most remote workers didn’t particularly like being on camera all day. 
But perhaps that’s because the remote workers trying out the app were the experienced type that worked just fine in an asynchronous environment.
Fortunately, a developer stepped in to carry on the mission of Sqwiggle, and now PukkaTeam is available so you can get real time presence with your remote team. Are any of you using PukkaTeam or a similar app? How do you stay connected to your remote workers? Hit “Reply” and let me know.
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